Fuel Injection Tubes

Fuel Injection Tubes

The BS — or Bharat Stage — emission standards are norms instituted by the government to regulate the output of air pollutants from internal combustion engines used in motor vehicles. BS-IV norms for four wheelers started coming into effect from the year 2010 when it was implemented in select cities

With the introduction of BS- IV the need for reduced emissions and quieter engines have made great demands on the engine and the fuel-injection systems. These demands can be met by the Common Rail fuel injection system that delivers fuel at a high pressure, precise quantity, precise timing, and split in to multiple injections.

BS-IV emission norms for two wheeled, three wheeled and four wheeled vehicles has become mandatory across the country from April 1, 2017. With this development the usage of Common Rail Fuel Injection Systems and consequently the usage of High Pressure Fuel Injection Pipes(FIP) has substantially increased.

UNIFLEX has set up a fully equipped FIP production line to cater to the ever growing demands of the Industry. Capability include Autofrettage, Automatic Bending, End Forming, Wire Passing, Flushing , Pressure Testing etc.

UNIFLEX can manufacture Fuel Injection Pipes for 700 Bar application as well as for Common Rail Systems with working pressure upto 2000 Bar.