Uniflex Live Swivels launched

UNIFLEX manufactures high quality, leak proof & cost competitive live swivels.

Live Swivels are available in a variety of configurations including

  • Straight
  • 90º with ball bearing design
  • 90º with circlip design

Available in Steel & Stainless Steel.

Advantages of using Uniflex Live Swivels

  • Swivels connect directly to hose ends and can eliminate adapters.
  • Full flow design to minimize pressure drop and give optimum performance
  • Compact design with minimum drop and cut-off lengths without compromising performance
  • Swivels provide rotation on planes relative to system piping and/or fixed components wherein reduction of fluid conductors may be achieved
  • Longer hose life – Life is extended by swivel eliminating the effects of torque and bending stress on hose.