Test Port Nipples

Test Port Nipples

The Uniflex test points are compact self-sealing couplings that provide easy access to hydraulic and pneumatic systems for pressure measurement up to 630 bar (9000 PSI). Mating adapters or hose connections can be connected without loss of fluid while the system is operating.


  • Complies with ISO 15171-2 08 / 2000
  • Can be coupled and uncoupled under pressure without system shutdown or fluid loss.
  • Leak free performance at operating pressure up to 630 bar (9000 PSI).
  • Chain is replaced by a wire thereby significantly reducing chances of corrosion as the chain is usually the first to be affected by corrosion. Further, the chain does not produce additional noise in the hydraulic system mounted on moving machines.
  • Flush Face Poppet Valve minimize air inclusions and spillage, prevents contamination and provides easy to clean surface.


  • Pressure check in hydraulic systems
  • Lubrication
  • Air bleeding
  • Drawing of oil samples