Tube Products Division

Tube Products Division

UNIFLEX Tube Products Division with its state-of-the-art metal tube bending facility fabricates customized bent metal tube assemblies in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. We have the engineering expertise, cutting-edge tube bending equipment and industry experience to support any application on Hydraulic metal tube assemblies, Pneumatic tube assemblies and Unitized hose/tube assembly fabrication.

Our highly trained technicians utilize Multi Axes CNC Tube Bending Machines capable of Roll & Booster Bending up to 114 mm tube OD, Special Hydraulic / Manual SPMs, End Forming Machines for Single or Double Flaring, Beading, Spinning and Swaging, Orbital TIG & MIG Welding, Induction brazing plus custom engineered and built tube prep machines to produce tube assemblies to exacting standards.

Fuel Injection Pipe manufacture using specialized processes like Wire Passing and Flushing & Six Axes CNC CO2 Laser Cutting machine for 2D / 3D components are the additional special offerings at this plant.

We can fabricate production runs of quality tube assemblies from 4.76mm (3/16 “) OD to 200mm (8” ) OD.

Our engineering team provides complete product design support. We collaborate with our customers to develop a solution that will meet their exact requirements. Our metal tube bending expertise combined with cutting-edge technology allows us to produce tube assemblies from :

  • Engineering Drawings
  • 3-D XYZ co-ordinates
  • Reverse engineer tube assemblies
  • Duplicate customer-furnished tube assemblies

We employ Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for accurate first off inspection measurement on prototypes and reverse engineering. This portable inspection tool allows the tube fabricators to use the machine to follow the centerline path of a bent tube and record the three-dimensional data points of even the most complicated tube assembly accurately and quickly and enabling the accuracy of the next tube fabricated.

From streamlining a bent tube product, recommending changes that will ensure enhanced performance, to developing a prototype for a unique application, our goal is to provide our customers with the support that they need.