Tube Assemblies

Tube Assemblies

Tube Bending

UNIFLEX is a full service Tube Bending Operation offering full CNC tube bending of pipes and tubes ranging from 4 mm to 65 mm in diameter. Tube bending is done using Multi Axes CNC Tube Bending, NC Tube Bending or Manual Bending machines.

We work with all grades of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass and Aluminum and pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest quality tube and pipe assemblies with quick turnaround times..Whether you require a large volume production order or a prototype part, contact UNIFLEX today. We have the tooling and ability to bend metal tubes for a variety of applications. We bend round tube, square tube, and various other extruded or drawn shapes. Capability includes 1D Bending as well as Infinite Radius Roll Bending

End Forming

We offer a wide array of Tube End Forming capabilities including swaging, single & double flaring, flanging, beading, spooling, bulging, chamfering, crimping, tapering, notching and rounding. We can end form tubes from small hypodermic (capillary) up to 3.125” diameter. We are equipped to end form all types of metal alloys including aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, and others.

Tube Cutting

At UNIFLEX.,we have in house equipment that can cut all shapes and sizes of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We work with Band Saw, Circular Cold Saw and Lathe and after cutting a deburring and end finishing operation are carried out to ensure complete accuracy and tolerances prior to further use.


UNIFLEX offers TIG as well as CO2 Welding capability. An orbital TIG Welding Equipment is in the process of installation. Welding is carried out by welders specialized and well trained to carry out their work efficiently and ensure a leak proof weld joint.


Brazing can be accomplished either by manual brazing or if feasible using the Conveyor Type Furnace brazing process.

Water Heater Sub- Assembly

An independent line for manufacture of sub-assembly used in instant water heater application has been set up for a leading Multinational Company. The process involves cutting, bending and TIG welding of Stainless Steel tubes. The assembly also undergoes passivation after welding.

Tube Machining

Our group company possesses a CNC machining shop consisting of CNC Turning Centres, CNC Sliding Head Lathes and CNC 5 axes Sliding Head Lathe. The CNC Turning Centres have capability to machine various sizes of tubes to produce highly accurate components repeatedly and reliably.

Tube Assembly Prototyping

We utilize a CMM (Co-ordinate Measurement Machine) for reverse engineering as well as to assure accurate prototypes. First article inspection reports are developed for new parts that allow the client to evaluate the design and final fit. Processes are in place that ensure accurate new part development from concept through FAI phase to final production status in a timely manner.